How To Get a Nursing Job in Ireland From India?

If you are a nurse and would like to work in Ireland you first need to register with the NMBI’s means nursing and midwifery Board of Ireland. NMBI’s advise that you should have a nursing job in Ireland before your registration has been granted. Once your registration is secured then you can start finding a nursing job in Ireland. You should check Ireland nursing vacancy from time to time.

How to register as a nurse with the NMBI:-

So if you are all set to find a job in Ireland or decide to move then you have to undergo these 5 steps:-

  1. Application request form: You need to give your contact details and select what division of the register you would like to apply for. There is a verification process where you have to take the IELTS exam. You all need to provide your test report form number so can the nursing and midwifery board of Ireland can verify your IELTS certificate is genuine or not. And also you need to supply your credit/debit card to pay your overseas registration application fee.


  1. Get the overseas registration application pack:-when NMBI found your documents genuine and received your fee, they will issue you an overseas registration application pack. You should read all the terms and conditions carefully and follow the instructions carefully that are given in the pack. Don’t forget to note your application reference number. You will need this number to correspond with the NMBI. This pack gives you all the information on setting an account with NMBI to prove your identity. You need to return your application together with a passport-sized photo and copies of your passport (certified) or other documents that prove your identity and YEAH! Any document that is not in English must be signed and translated by a qualified translator. And after completing the application you must provide your nursing experience certificate and give details about nursing qualification.


  1. Completed forms by the relevant authorities:- in your pack some forms that you need to send to authorities in your country in which you have registered. The authorities will complete the forms then directly to the NMBL with all the required documents. This form will ask you for your registration, training and employment. To keep track of your application you have to set up an online account with NMBI. If any of your documents are sent by authorities, not in English, you have them translated by a qualified translator.


  1. Assessment of your application:– you can keep tracking your application’s progress and also Ireland nursing vacancy. When NMBI has received all the info they will access your application. The NMBI will take 90 days to access your application.


  1. Get a letter:- when all the 4 steps are completed you will get the decision letter. You can get the possible outcomes that are:
  • You are eligible for registration, which means it’s a happy time.
  • NMBI requires some more information.
  • Your application has been refused by the authorities.

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