What is Lasik Surgery and Does it Hurt?

Lasik surgery is a laser treatment that reshapes the cornea for clear and stable vision without glasses or lenses. Many people miscomprehend that Lasik surgery is very painful. However, it is only a myth because Lasik surgery does not involve the use of blades and is painless. The only thing you need to care about is your eyes health and whether you are a good candidate for Lasik surgery or not. To assure your success rate of Lasik surgery you can contact us for Lasik eye surgery in New Delhi. Many patients have attained 20/25 vision after this laser treatment and got freedom from glasses. You too can get rid of your contact lenses or glasses with an affordable Lasik eye surgery cost. Here you can find the details of the Lasik surgery process to clear your mind is nearly painless, unlike others. 

Lasik surgery involves the use of an Ultraviolet laser to remove a certain amount of tissue from the cornea. And to determine the amount of tissue, the doctors calculate it beforehand. The refractive error depends upon many factors like thickness of the cornea, your eye power, etc. Lasik surgery takes only 20-30 minutes per eye to treat. The surgeon uses an anesthetic eye drop to numb the patient’s eyes so they do not feel any pain during the whole process. Then, the surgeon applies the vacuum ring. At this time the patient feels sensation and slight pressure just before his/her vision fades away for a few seconds. The surgeon removes the tissue from the cornea and places the flap which acts as a natural bandage. During the whole process, neither the flap nor the laser causes any sort of pain to the person.

 You will be free to leave the hospital after a few hours of the surgery. However, you have to take utmost care for the next 24 hours after the laser treatment. You may feel uncomfortable but it will get okay within a few days. Post Lasik surgery, you may experience dry eyes and itchiness. But do not rub your eyes because it can cause abrasion to the cornea. This can either damage the flap or delay the healing process. So, it is better to wear glasses so that you do not scratch or touch your eyes for a few days.

Like every surgery, Lasik has its own risks and complications. These complications include eye infection, dislodged flap, or severe pain due to rubbing. Take rest for a few days and avoid the use of face wash or soap on the face. Use lubricating eye drops prescribed by the doctor to deal with itching and dry eyes. Only 2 percent of the patients feel corneal flap complications so the risks to the flap are very less. And only 0.04 to 0.6 percent of the patients suffer from corneal ectasia. Cornea ectasia is the condition when your cornea becomes weak, loses its elasticity, and changes its shape. So, the risks to Lasik surgery are minimal and mostly depend on the way you take care of your eyes post Lasik.


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